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Serving Excellence

Hardin County Water District No. 2 was formed in 1965 by the Hardin County Fiscal Court. We began with only 900 customers, 90 miles of pipeline, and purchased our water from the City of Elizabethtown. We’ve steadily grown since our humble beginnings. Our service area is compiled of over 425 square miles, 29,000 customers, and over 1000 miles of pipeline.

Our White Mills Treatment Plant was built in 1990 at a fraction of its current size. In the beginning, the District was comprised of small communities in rural Hardin County. Since then, we’ve grown to serve customers in Hardin, Hart, and Larue Counties. We also acquired the City of Elizabethtown’s water system in 2014, and serve the largest part of Hardin County.

Because of the addition of the water system in Elizabethtown, we added more treatment capacity with two additional plants. One of those plants remains in operation today. City Springs Water Treatment on Water Works Drive supplies water to much of the downtown area. Most importantly, City Springs brought our treatment capacity up to 11.4 million gallons per day (MGD). We also increased our water storage tanks to 14 which hold approximately 7.9 million gallons of fresh, clean water.

Our Goal

One of the goals of the District was to circle Elizabethtown with a main water line to serve customers in all directions from the heart of Hardin County. We accomplished that goal in 2012 with the completion of the Elizabethtown Loop Project that connected over 30 miles of 24” main line. Our distribution system stems out from that trunk to serve customers in every direction. As Hardin County continues to grow, our two water sources, the Nolin River and the local watershed, have limits. The District needed to find an answer to future water supply needs when our area growth had been outpacing our water sources. The solution came in 2016 when the District completed a 10 mile, 24” transmission main to bring additional supply from Louisville Water Company. That new line added an additional 5 MGD of capacity with another 5 MGD set to be available in the next few years.

As of today, Hardin County Water District No. 2 is the third largest water district in the state by a narrow margin. We strongly believe that as our community continues to grow, so too, will our commitment for continued excellence in all areas of service. We are a unit of closely-knit professionals whose mission is to provide the highest quality water and service to our customers and our community. At Hardin County Water District No. 2, we take pride in our work, our customers, and our water. It is our promise to always strive to serve excellence.

Current Board Members
  • 1 Mike Bell - Chairman
  • 2 Cordell Tabb - Secretary/Treasurer
  • 3 Timothy Davis
  • 4 Brian Woosley
  • 5 Daniel Feeser