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Here at Hardin County Water District No. 2, we are proud to serve our area with high-quality drinking water from two water treatment plants located right here in Hardin County.  Our treatment plants use a complex system to treat and deliver safe potable water to our customers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our dedicated Water Treatment Operators monitor the water closely and run hundreds of lab analysis daily to ensure we are delivering you the best water possible.

White Mills Water Treatment Plants

The White Mills Water Treatment plant was first constructed in 1990 and had the capacity to treat 2.0 million gallons a day of water through the use of one ClariCone solids contact unit and two gravity flow filters. With the ever-growing population and business in Hardin County, the plant was expanded in 2002 to treat a capacity of 8.1 million gallons a day with the addition of two ClariCone solid contact units and four additional gravity flow filters. The source water used at the White Mills Water Treatment Plant is a confluence of the White Mills Spring and Nolin River.

City Springs Water Treatment Plants

The City Springs Water Treatment plant was first constructed in 1924, with a capacity to treat 1 million gallons of water daily through conventional water treatment. Located in the heart of Elizabethtown it did not take long for the city to grow and the plant had to be expanded in 1953. This increased the plant’s capacity from 1 million gallons per day to 2 million gallons per day. Finally, in 1990 the plant was expanded to treat the capacity of 3.3 million gallons per day. During the expansion, the plant was converted from conventional treatment to a ClariCone solids contact unit. The source water used at the City Springs Water Treatment Plant is a combination of four wells and two natural springs.

The Treatment Process

Our water starts its journey through the treatment process from its source. Once pumped into our facility, the water moves through four basic steps for effective cleaning.

Coagulation/Flocculation-  The clumping together of very fine particles by the use of a chemical coagulant.

Sedimentation- The particles previously created in the coagulation/flocculation process are held in suspension by a spinning sludge blanket inside the ClariCone, to be removed at a later time.

Filtration- This process removes particulate matter from the water not contained by the sludge blanket by passing it through porous media.

Disinfection- After filtration, water is stored onsite in large storage tanks called clear wells where Chlorine is used to disinfect the treated water.

Finally, as the finished water is pumped from our facility it is treated with Liquid Ammonium Sulfate.  This mixes with the Chlorine already present in the water to form Chloramines. Chloramines are then used as a secondary disinfection process throughout our distribution system. Chloramines provide longer-lasting disinfection than chlorine alone and reduce the formation of disinfection by-products. This ensures that every time you turn on your tap, you are receiving clean, reliable, and safe drinking water for all of your needs.

ClariCone Solid Contact Units combine coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation all in one basin. This advanced technology allows us to efficiently and effectively treat water while maintaining a small footprint.

Bulk Water Loading Stations

We have two bulk water loading stations to accommodate those who need to fill bulk tanks. Water is sold at $0.50 per approximately 100 gallons. We also have a temporary hydrant meter program to accommodate special bulk water needs. The most common reason for bulk water sites includes agricultural purposes, filling a cistern or swimming pool, or to simply have clean water for a jobsite.

Visit our bulk water stations:

401 Waterworks Drive in Elizabethtown, KY

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1300 Cave Road in Glendale, KY

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